Waltzing in the Superstitions

by Xandriss


The Arts at Marshall Square
7077 East Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

On view through December, 2016

Find out more about the artist: XandrissArt.com

Installation Details

Waltzing in the Superstitions alludes to Jacob Waltz (the Lost Dutchman) and the treasure hunters who search for his legendary gold mine to this day. The title also references those who explore and enjoy the incredible natural beauty of the Superstition Wilderness. The artist imagines these hunters and explorers waltzing through the landscape, enthralled by the colors of the mountains, sky, land, and shrubs. Xandriss painted the image using her own photo as a reference, then painted a single continuous line over the entire image. The space between the layers of underpainting and overpainting acts as a window allowing only a portion of the original image to show through while enhancing the scene’s fullness and richness. At the very end of the line, there is a hidden X that marks the spot. Xandriss challenges the viewer to and this X. For a limited time, the artist will be offering a prize to anyone who finds it and can tell her where it is. Contact Xandriss for details and information at xandrissart@live.com.


This installation was commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art through the IN FLUX initiative in cooperation with The Arts at Marshall Square.