Sunny-Side Eyed & Eggy Visions

by Kayla Newnam


Valley Metro Roosevelt Light Rail Stop
N Central Ave and E Roosevelt St
Phoenix, AZ 85004

On view through April, 2016

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Installation Details

Our society has many conflicting ideologies about politics, religion, gender, etc. The vision Kayla Newnam has for her work is to create an escape from reality by proposing an alternate world of unity through color and joy. The mural on the wall at the Roosevelt and Central Station, titled “Sunny-Side Eyed” portrays recognizable elements like people and walkways covered in patterns and electric colors. Newnam covers the subjects in her artwork with patterns in order to convey a sense of generalization, stating “We are all unique in different ways and have different patterns and colors in our lives, yet, we are all connected through breath and imagination.”

The graphic decal on the ceiling of the train car titled “Eggy Visions”, has the patterned people looking down at the passengers on the train. She masked the people’s eyes with eggs to touch on the anonymity we feel as individuals and culturally.

This installation was commissioned by Valley Metro in Phoenix.