by Matthew Briggs, Garrett Johnson, and Luke Kautz

On view through December, 2016
***Topo has been deinstalled as of September 5, 2016 due to new construction plans at Scottsdale Fashion Square.***

Installation Details

Topo is a responsive, self -evolving installation in the west rotunda of Scottsdale F ashion Square. Embodied in three cloud structures, one water-like structure, and four moving-headlights, Topo articulates these lights across the reflective structures in response to people ’s movements around the installation, creating dynamic and colo rful
reflections throughout the space.

Topo also has a twitter account (@topoproject) that gleans vocabulary from various local Twitter accounts. Each time Topo tweets, visitors will notice subtle interactions in the sculpture’s hue. Visitors can also reveal other behaviors by mentioning Topo in a tweet or using the hashtag #topoinflux.

This installation was made possible by funding from the Scottsdale Fashion Square and managed by Scottsdale Public Art through the IN FLUX initiative.

Find out more about the artists: Matthew Briggs, Garrett Johnson, and Luke Kautz