Desert Playa

by Danielle Wood


The Arts at Marshall Square
7077 East Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

On view through December, 2016

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Installation Details

Arizona has quite the varied geological past. Historically, it was a shallow sea in the Precambrian era and was home to a variety of coral and marine life. Artist Danielle Wood often looks at the cacti and succulents of our current landscape and visualizes the past forms of corals and its inhabitants. Within the past and the present of the Valley terrain lies a solitary yet vastly inhabited space with immense potential for the imagination. It is a diverse natural environment to be respected that has been home to many living beings both animal and human, microscopic and visible, and to a lengthy and varied history. In Desert Playa, the artist explores the beauty of the juxtaposition between the desert’s oceanic past and its present existence as a rugged desert topography.

This installation was commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art through the IN FLUX initiative in cooperation with The Arts at Marshall Square.