by Ann Morton


201 South Washington Street
Chandler, AZ 85225

On view through October 2013

Installation Details

Ann Morton is a native Phoenician. In her youth, she thought of Chandler as a place on the outskirts— full of farms and scarce on people—far from the big metropolis of Phoenix. That isn’t the truth about Chandler in 2013. Her installation is meant to reflect the Chandler of today, to show the citizens who built and call this place home woven together.

Morton wraped a vacant building near the intersection of Washington and Chicago Street with hundreds of yards of woven reflective mylar and provided permanent makers with the following invitation:

“With the City’s Centennial year just past, it is a time to reflect – on this community and on your own experiences in it. use these pens to record your thoughts as you contemplate seeing your own reflection in the woven wall. Sign it, write a story, draw a picture. With each added voice, this wall will come to reflect the modern spirit of today’s Chandler.”

This artwork was commissioned by City of Chandler Public Art Program.

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