Most Valuable Player

by Christopher Jagmin


Gallery Glendale
9380 West Westgate Blvd.
Suite D-109
Glendale, 85305

On view through October 2013

Installation Details

Inpsired by the adjacency of the site to a major sports complex, Phoenix-based artist Christopher Jagmin turns the trditional trophy case on its ear. Although the storefront appears to be  what one would expect from a trophy case, upon closer inspection, the viewer finds phrases like “Best friend” and “Most reliable”. Who received these unique awards and why?

Jagmin’s trophy case can be viewed as the result of any person’s life path being scattered with awards for the things not usually celebrated in this way. While living a life, we often dismiss our achievements over time. On our way to achieve the next benchmark, we might forget to congratulate ourselves for a job well-done. Sometimes we not even aware that we have achieved something special.

This artwork was commissioned by City of Glendale Public Art.

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