by Kristin Bauer


Mill Avenue
425 S. Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281

On view through October, 2015

Installation Details

By combining the phrase “LOOK UP AND SEE ME” with an adapted image still of Audrey Munson from a 1918 silent film, SEEN is a colorful statement about the cultural and individual search for visibility.  Munson was sought out for her classic Grecian beauty, becoming the inspiration and model for numerous artists in New York 100 years ago, and appeared in four silent films, which made her nationally known. With bisected and overlapping rainbow arc elements in an art deco composition, bold text and the stunning image of Munson, the piece beckons viewers to stop, “Look Up and See Me.” Sited at the busy intersection of 5th Street and Mill Avenue in Downtown Tempe, the 15’ x 30’ perforated vinyl installation is viewed by students and business people essentially in pursuit of the their dreams and goals. SEEN remarks on the importance of visibility in the journey and the human draw towards beauty, as well as the ironic duality inherent in both.

This artwork was commissioned by Tempe Public Art

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