The Ceramic Jungle (Goldfish v. Genies)

by Pete Goldlust


7051 East 5th Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

On view through August 2011

Installation Details

Goldlust from Bisbee, AZ painted imagery on the storefront glass to evoke the facade of a playfully surreal antique shop where a dense display of ceramic vessels seemed to come to life. Transparent areas of the painted glass revealed dioramas and discrete sculptural elements, drawing on Goldlust’s long-standing interest in combining plant, animal and human traits to form otherworldly hybrid beings. The graphic forms were based on a wide range of vessel types while the primarily blue and white color scheme drew from the many blue and white ceramic painting traditions that are ubiquitous around the globe such as Delftware, Chinese porcelain, and Turkish tile work. Taken cumulatively, these traditions evoked a compelling combination of both the exotic and the commonplace

This artwork was commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art.

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