Bear With Us

by Tara Logsdon


7051 East 5th Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

On view through August 2011

Installation Details

Phoenix artist Tara Logsdon’s EKLbearmy is a rescue and rehab mission for wayward teddy bears. In BEAR WITH US, 50 rehabbed bears joined 100s of other bears to share a message about coming together during trying times with the viewer. The bears filled the storefront windows floor to ceiling, resulting in an eye-popping demonstration of individuals creating a powerful whole.

Upon de-installation the approximately 800 teddy bears were retained by the artist to be used in future EKLbearmy projects. Some will be rehabbed to be a part of a pending holiday donation to Banner Hospital, while others will be included as part of an  exhibition at A.E. England Gallery (Phoenix) December, 2011.

This artwork was commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art.

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