Prize-Winning Participator

by Sarah Hurwitz


407 & 408 E Roosevelt Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003

On view through October 2014

Installation Details

Sarah Hurwitz says, “I come from a generation that was often chided for being the recipient of too many purple participation ribbons.” The criticism being, what did we really accomplish? Why reward mediocrity? As an adult, she found sometimes those small accomplishments are the most difficult and sometimes we all just need a pat on the back for doing our daily duties.

Got up early to walk the dog? Done. Went to work even though you really didn’t want to? Check. Hurwitz created a place where we can all celebrate the small stuff too. Get up on the awards stand and let us know what you accomplished today! Congrats! An accompanying projection also awards viewers with trophies and ribbons for other small accomplishments such as calling your grandma, and eating your veggies.

This artwork was commissioned by Modified Arts and A.R.T.S. (Adaptive Reuse of Temporary Space) Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation.

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