Celestial Structures

by Matthew Briggs & Muharrem Yildirim


Dana Park
1652 S. Val Vista Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85204

On view through October 2014

Installation Details

Celestial Structures emulates the cosmos on a tangible scale through the interaction of space, light, and tetrahedral construction inspired by Alexander Graham Bell and Buckminster Fuller. With motors and code, the space evolves using randomized functions to rotate three pyramid structures comprised of reflective material. The interaction between the structures and light create a dynamic space similar to our vast universe.

Matthew Briggs and Muharrem Yildirim began working with each other while studying in the school of Arts, Media + Engineering at ASU. Since then they have created many works using machines to engage communities with their local environment.

This artwork was commissioned by Whitestone REIT at Dana Park

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