Inspired Collective Energy

by Kyllan Maney


Tempe, Arizona

Edna Vihel Arts Center


April 2019


Color and light energetically work together in fractal spiral patterns, similar to the way an artistic community works together. Inspired Collective Energy is intended to reflect the creativity that occurs at the Edna Vihel Arts Center on a daily basis.  This piece was created using spiral tools to create the radial shapes drawn onto a map. The use of bright contrasting colors is intended to attract attention and symbolize the vitality of the Tempe Community.

Artwork installation includes a painted entry to the Edna Vihel Arts Center (Edna Arts) and colorful, patterned banners surrounding the building.  The center is home to art classes of all kinds including dance, ceramics, painting, theater, and more. It is a multigenerational center that previously had a quiet exterior. Kyllan’s work enlivens the space and alerts the community to the action inside.

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