by Cherie Buck-Hutchison and Curtis Hutchison


July 2020


#bluewing suggests representations of other blue wings in art history and the southwest, from Albrecht Durer’s Wing of a Blue Roller and Frank Cadogen Cowper’s The Blue Bird to the western blue jay to connotations surrounding mythological blue birds.

A blue palette creates a vibrant foreground in an urban landscape to complement the ever-changing Sonoran Desert sky. #bluewing dances with the ethereal expanse as the sun shimmers off angled tiles. #bluewing invites viewers to glide into the setting through the interactive use of contemporary selfies. In the process, the known engages with the unknown; it allows participants to let their imagination take flight into what was termed by the writer John Keats as negative capability.

Cherie Buck-Hutchison and Curtis Hutchison are a husband-and-wife team who collaborate to create public art, bringing together Cherie’s background in fine art as well as their collective tile expertise.