Fragmented Reflection

by Christopher Luper


July 2022


Christopher Luper was born and raised in the northwest Chicago suburbs and received a bachelor of fine arts in painting and drawing at  Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Luper proceeded to pursue a master of fine arts at Arizona State University in sculpture,  specializing in foundry. His works often revolve around the importance of mindset and process. Luper believes our attention guides our
perception of the world around us and shapes our internal landscape to an extensive degree. The work he does requires a tremendous  amount of attentiveness and patience, which is often manifested through abstract forms.

This digital gesture is a manifestation of the mindsets and processes accessed to realize it. Gesture in its rudimentary form is a  subconscious movement made with spontaneity and rhythm. The post-gesture is a reflection on the previous and allows for growth and  elaboration of said concepts. Fragmented Reflection captures both mindsets, gestural and post-gestural—a freedom of motion with a machined hand. The fluidity of the initial gesture is captured through a brush stroke-like motion, while the contemporary perspective is demonstrated with a simple fragmented mirror image of itself.