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Clean Slate

It's the time of year in the desert when temperatures rise from braggable warm to uncomfortable hot and the skies are wiped clean until the monsoons arrive. It is the time of year when it becomes too HOT to cloud COT. Yet today was different. The temperature dropped and dropped. The unseasonable cool breeze delivered a delicious assortment of pulled taffy clouds that never stopped shifting. It was the perfect reminder, that no matter the season, simply enjoy and LOOK UP.  




jump rope


End of the Semester

The end of another school year is quickly approaching. Stress levels peak with exams, papers and thoughts of graduation. This pair opted for a pre-library Cloud Cot session to LOOK UP  and let go.


End of the semester




 This cot has too much sun.  



This cot has too much breeze.



This cot is just right for LOOKing UP !


Soft Tangerine

 LOOKing UP  is not always the easiest thing to do, physically or metaphorically. Sometimes, a simple shift or flip is all that is needed to see the bright spot.





Space Odyssey

Over the weeks, the cloud cots have developed an honest to goodness true following. This is Hal, a hard fast believer that LOOKing UP is usually the best option, no matter the weather, the time of day, or the life situtation: LOOK UP , enjoy, and share the view. Thanks for the positivity.



brach cloud cots


An afternoon inside the library researching can result in a serious appreciation of being outside. This pair took a breather under a shady mesquite tree and enjoyed the soft spring breeze as they LOOKed UP through the leaves.



Library face

( The lovely outside of Burton Barr Library)






Mark, my words

This Cloud Cotter is not sleeping, merely this is the pose of repose he selected for his portrait. Mark spent 45 minutes Looking Up before this was snapped.




Yellow Brick Road

Wednesday at the Burton Barr Central Library is movie night. This couple, waiting to watch the Hollywood classic, The Wizard of Oz, engaged in a precinematic experience of Looking Up. Phew, no flying monkeys!



Avenue Cloud

What a day, what a day!  The sky was bare. The breeze was subtle. Slowly and surely, a small parade of clouds marched in to the tune of carefree conversation. The topic shifted easily between airplanes, baseball, cloud formations and theatrical productions, all while Looking Up.

Andrea House

(This charming cloud cotter stopped by on his way to pick up tickets to Avenue Q at Phoenix Little Theater)


Tree Cot View

Don't Be Fooled

While this young boy, a fan of airplanes, aliens and bats, may be looking down at his LOOK UP sticker in his hands, he spent his time on a cloud cot Looking Up at the sky while his friends ran a potato sack race. 


looking down

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