Visit Erin and the Cloud Cots at Margaret T. Hance park in Phoenix

Wednesdays from 1-3pm in March and April and other special events.

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Sunglasses & Sunflowers

This adorable trio, direct from the Big Island, took a break between swim lessons and gramma's house to Look Up. Three is a crowd on a Cloud Cot so.....



(The Littlest Cloud Watcher got a cot to himself !)

Roger That

Looking Up isn't new to some folks rather it is second nature. Roger is a regular Cloud afficinado who has a fabulous portfolio of cloud photographs.


roger 1



( It was a photographic duel to see who could make a portrait first. I was far quicker than Roger...)

North East

The View from cot number three, Looking Up to the Northeast.


Day Rate

These three have Looking Up down to a science. They are model Cloud watchers!



The sky was spotted and dotted with clouds yet the sun was still desert strong. The Cloud Cots were pulled under a set of Palo Verde trees for better LOOKing UP.  Surprise. Joy. Charm. A small bird was very busy building a new spring nest.

nest point



Tax Man

For most Americans April 15th is synonymous with stress, piles of receipts, confusing forms, and a last minute run to the post office to file last years' income tax return... but not for this number cruncher.  CPA, David C,  was all smiles as he took a minute or two to lie down and Look Up!  


tax man

(Thanks for your willingness and unbridled enthusiasm to participate in Cloud Cots and for preparing countless returns!)

Spotting Pisces

While the Cloud Cots are only out during day light hours, often conversation floats to the celestial bodies found in the night sky. Luckily, there's an astronomy app for mobile devices that locates the positions of the stars and planets in the heavens no matter the time of day. Sun up or sun down, it's always a perfect time to LOOK UP.


(Cloud Cotter using his astromy app to locate celestial bodies in the day sky)


Pisces 2

(Cloud Cotter records the fabulous clouds and location of Pisces while Looking Up)

As I lay down



the sky turned on


From Head to Toe

Sunset in the desert can be a delicious time to lie down and Look Up. This charming couple shared a twilight Cloud Cot experience while discussing their upcoming European Railway adventure. Bon Voyage!


couple row

Alaskan Skies

Wednesday ushered in temperatures near 100 and a cloud blanket that offered up unexpected coverage. Joshua, a cloud connoisseur from Alaska enthusiastically claimed a cot to Look Up. Impressed by his view of swirling clouds, steel totems and reaching branches, Joshua snapped a photograph.




Joshua's view

( Joshua's View )







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