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Image By: Lisa Olson
Image By: Lisa Olson
Image By: Lisa Olson
Image By: Lisa Olson
Image By: Lisa Olson
Image By: Lisa Olson

Water, Response, Therapy

by Elijah Bourque



Miller Plaza
7620 E Indian School Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


On view through December, 2016

Water, Response, Therapy is a series of three sculptures.


Water (blue)
This sculpture was inspired by the change in the Colorado River. Question your water usage, question your environmental relationship. Gain resolve knowing we are in this life and on this team together. The artist oers this piece as a prompt to slow down and observe our breathing.


Response (neon green/yellow) 
At a wavelength of 555 nanometers, this sculpture’s yellow-green hue is the color our eyes are most sensitive to. This sensitivity evolved to help us locate food. In this case, the artist just hopes it makes you feel lively. Try viewing this piece at sunrise or sunset for the most uorescent moments.


Therapy (purple)
The artist intends for this sculpture to inspire reection on emotional wisdom and self-love in the viewer. His greatest hope is for the viewer to leave lighter in their step, and for this piece to remain heavier with whatever has been weighing down the viewer left behind.


This installation was made possible by funding from the Jakosky Partners and Miller Plaza, and managed by Scottsdale Public Art through the IN FLUX initiative. 


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