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Image By: Lisa Olson
Image By: Lisa Olson
Image By: Lisa Olson

Hey, I Made This For You

by Daniel Funkhouser



Practical Art
5070 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012


On view through December, 2016


Hey, I Made This For You is an immersive lighting installation transforming an entire room within Practical Art. Daniel Funkhouser designed the space to continue its use for classes and workshops. Striped walls and colorful larger than life frames surround light boxes made of multiple layers of cut vinyl, transparent acrylic, and LEDs. As the lights change, the vinyl surfaces and surrounding walls create a surprisingly soothing experience for the viewer. Imagery and details reference handmade goods found at Practical Art combined with patterns and space scenes that Funkhouser is known for.


Funkhouser's recent body of work combines LED lights and unusual materials to create playful and dreamlike environments.



This installation was commissioned by Practical Art in Phoenix.


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