IN FLUX Cycle 4 brings together eleven organizations representing eight Valley cities and towns providing opportunities for local artists to create site-specific temporary public art installations.

IN FLUX demonstrates a holistic approach to temporary public art projects through a showcase of local Arizona artists presented within the context of viewing the Valley as one community. IN FLUX provides unique project opportunities for artists to expand their skill-sets, innovatively apply their creativity, and garner public recognition for their work. IN FLUX offers new perspective on the connections between community organizations, city governments, local businesses, artists, and audiences.

The IN FLUX initiative, currently operated through the strategic partnership of eleven organizations in Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Goodyear, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe was launched by Scottsdale Public Art in 2010 as an initiative for temporary installations in vacant storefronts. The initiative has since continued to expand and gain momentum since its inception, increasing its positive impact on our local communities and our Arizona artists. 


Chandler | City of Chandler Public Art Program

Gilbert | Town of Gilbert Arts, Culture, and Tourism Board

Glendale | City of Glendale Public Art

Goodyear | City of Goodyear Public Art

Mesa | Mesa Arts Center

Mesa | Whitestone REIT at Dana Park

Phoenix | A.R.T.S. (Adaptive Reuse of Temporary Space) Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation

Phoenix | City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture

Phoenix | Modified Arts

Scottsdale | Scottsdale Public Art

Tempe | City of Tempe Public Art


Chandler Public Art    Town of Gilbert Arts, Culture, and Tourism BoardGlendale Public Art        Goodyear Public Art         Mesa Arts Center         Whitestone REIT at Dana ParkRoosevelt Row CDC   Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture  Modified Arts  Scottsdale Public Art       City of Tempe Public Art

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